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About Layyah

Layyah District is a district in the Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in the southern part of the province. The capital is Layyah. It is a very historical city.The word 'Leiah' itself is believed to be derived from 'Leian' in Saraiki language, a plural form of 'Lai' which is a name of bush. In former times, the land in Layyah (Leiah) was mostly covered by sand dunes with bushes (Leian). Therefore this place was known as 'Leian' which became 'Leiah' afterwards.Majority of people in Layyah are native speakers of Saraiki or Punjabi language, although Urdu is widely understood and spoken. The medium of education is Urdu and English. District Layyah (formerly spelled as Leiah) is bounded to the North by Bhakkar District, to East by Jhang District. River Indus flows to its Western side across which lies district D.G.Khan and to the South district Muzaffargarh. District Layyah has an area of 6291 square kilometres and comprises the three tehsils of:


1. Population (000 Numbers) = 1,121

2. Area (Square Kilometres) = 6,291

3. Population Density (per sq.Km.) = 178

4. Tehsils = Layyah, Chaubara and Karor Lal Esan.

5. Main Towns = Chowk Azam, Chowk Fatehpur and Kot Sultan.

6. Main Crops = Sugarcane, Wheat, Cotton, Gram and Guar Seed.

7. Main Fruits = Citrus and Dates.

8. Main Vegetables = Onion and Potatoes.

9. Forest (Area in Acres) = 34,338

10. Total Metalled Roads (Km) = 869

11. No. of Grid Stations = 7

12. No. of Telephone Exchanges = 18

13. Number of Industrial Units = 365

14. Major Industries = Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills, Oil Mills and Sugar.

About AAS Welfare society Layyah

Aas welfare society layyah established in 27 April 2004. It’s a non government organizations which works for health and development of people.

  • Contact with other NGOs for membership.
  • Interim bodies will be formed on district level.
  • Draft of constitution will be prepared for approval of general body.
  • General body will be invited within six month.
  • AAS convention will be arranged at LAYYAH.